Readeez Presents The U.S. Presidents Song

Get the MP3 or the instrumental version below. And please feel free to share this page (“Share” button below). 

Q: Why doesn’t the song include both the first and last name of every president? 
A: I wanted to make the song as easy to remember as possible, which guided my decisions about meter, rhyme, etc. In cases where two presidents have the same last name, at least one of them has his first name included.

Here’s a great resource for cool presidential info:

Readeez Presidents Song MP3

Every U.S. President, from Washington to Obama, in one easy-to-learn song. BONUS: Includes color PDF with each president’s picture, first and last name.

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Readeez Presidents Song INSTRUMENTAL MP3

Great for practice or live performance, this is the Readeez U.S. Presidents Song with the lead vocals removed. 

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