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Know your dough! Working with coins is a great way to gain a variety of math skills, including addition, skip-counting, problem-solving and more. If you're a parent or teacher, you'll want to give kids actual coins to practice with—they make great manipulatives. And there are lots of real-world opportunities for making change.

Readeez Money Math contains three distinct, mutually reinforcing components: Video, Audio and E-book. 

The songs: 

"The Value of a Dollar"presents ways of making change for a dollar using quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. It also provides a few alternate permutations (there are 293 in all, if you include half-dollar and dollar coins).


Penny, nickel, dime, quarter: Four stars from "The Value of a Dollar."

"Penny, You're The One" includes penny-equivalents for a nickel, dime, quarter and dollar. Also counsels youngsters to "save your pennies and your fortune has begun."


When pennies make a quarter, you've got 25. From "Penny You're The One."

"Nickelish" includes skip-counting by fives to one hundred. And while frugality is important (see above), Isabel claims she's going to share her nickels with her friends.


The song "Nickelish" presents skip-counting by fives all the way to one hundred. Pictured: Six nickels (30 cents).

"Dime and Dime Again" features skip-counting by tens to one hundred. The repeated line "ten pennies equal a dime" will help kids remember this indisputable fact.


"If you're counting dimes, here's a helpful rhyme: Ten pennies equal a dime" "Dime and Dime Again" counts by tens to one hundred. Also associates dimes with their value in cents.

"Quarterrific" establishes that quarters are worth 25 cents each and gives cent-equivalents for one, two, three and four quarters. Also advises listeners to "start with the quarters" when counting a mixed group of coins.


The super-catchy "Quarterrific" shows how to count by 25, and gives this helpful tip for counting mixed coins.


"Quarterrific," like all of the Money Math songs, makes learning facts about U.S. currency a breeze.

The Money Math Folderful contains:

• One video file (.m4v format, approx. 7:40) 
• Five MP3 files (unprotected)
• 1 full-color eBook (PDF form; printable at 8.5 x 11)
• Artwork for the MP3 files
• A "Read Me" file

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The Money Math Folderful is fully compatible with Mac and PC. The cost is $9.99. 

IPAD USERS: Our products WILL WORK on your iPad, but you must first download them to your computer, then sync the files (audio or video) with the iPad.